Principle 3 Macronutrient distribution

Posted 12 May 2022

You will notice that we have suggested a specific calorie split on your app home screen. You certainly don’t need to follow this guidance. Remember, principle two is the most critical when looking at losing fat. However, we’ve found that sticking to something similar to the below will allow you to get leaner, protect muscle mass, have good amounts of energy for training sessions without feeling restricted in any way.

MacronutrientReason for the % distribution
40% ProteinTo support fat loss, you are going to need to eat a lot of protein. There are a few reasons behind this. Protein keeps you fuller for much longer, making it easier to establish your calorie deficit consistently. Additionally, when we are taking in less energy each day than our bodies need in an attempt to lose fat, there is a risk we may also lose lean muscle in the process. We want to do our best to avoid this, which is why we need to prioritise protein as amino acids are the building blocks of muscle.     
40% CarbohydrateMany people will tell you that you should drop the carbs out when you want to lose fat. This may be a good time to remind you that carbs and protein yield 4kcal / g instead of fats that yield 9kcal / g. Check out our smart carbs list for some more guidance here, as there are certainly better options and choices you can make when trying to lose fat. 
20% FatsNumbers can always vary slightly depending on individuals, but universally speaking, it can be beneficial to keep fats over 20% of total energy intake. A common mistake we see people make when trying to lose fat is that they overdo the fats. Check out our guide to fats to find out a little more and our infographic on healthy foods that halt fat loss. 


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