What are some simple things I can do day to day to see better results?

Posted 18 Oct 2021

At Holos Performance, we’re here to cut through the crap out there in the health and fitness world, to help you get to the real stuff!

When it comes to fat loss, loads of “hacks” and “tips” can be shared. Before getting bogged down in the minutiae, it’s important to be making sure we are nailing the basics as these practices have the most far-reaching benefits.

Read on to see easy, sustainable things you can integrate daily to not only promote fat loss but improve health.

  1. Prioritise your recovery – Sounds strange that we begin with this, huh!? But if you’re not recovering properly, your body will not be primed to let go of fat stores, so everything else you integrate won’t work as well as it could. Chat to your coach if you feel like you are overtraining or try this daily scan . Also, check out some of our sleep protocols if you feel like your sleep could be better. 
  2. Don’t bother with fasting or other obscure eating patterns – If you really want to stick a timeframe on things, 12:12 is very easy to stick to. Just focus on providing your body with the fuel it needs to train more effectively on a more consistent basis using your performance plates. This will lead to sustained improvement as opposed to the yoyo effect. 
  3. More protein – Put simply, it’s incredibly difficult to overeat quality protein, fibre/veg. Making this the backbone of your diet will help you naturally regulate appetite, making it less likely to snack on energy dense snacks. Also, this will directly impact your recovery from training sessions, potentially allowing you to train more often and with better quality. 
  4. Move more – Stand at your desk, don’t sit, walk/bike, don’t drive or take public transport. Calorie expenditure counts big time when we are trying to lose fat. These swap-outs are logical and easy to integrate. 
  5. Don’t cut the carbs – Refer to our smart carbs infographic to see how you can make carbs work more efficiently for you. Remember, there are no “bad” foods, just basic principles. Get to grips with how our bodies use different foods and how you can make them work for you.  


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