Fat loss habit checker

Posted 18 May 2022

Fat loss does not need to be confusing or complicated. It simply takes dedication, and it requires us to prioritise some really basic habits and principles consistently.

It’s important to check back against these habits regularly to remind ourselves not to overthink or overcomplicate things and hold ourselves to a level of accountability.

Are you prioritising the following habits?

Training intensity

If you’re not giving your training sessions the focus they need, chances are you’re not going to hit the intensity levels needed to change your body. This certainly does not mean thinking about training all day, but it does mean that you give yourself the best chance to train properly. Are you hydrated, are you rested, are you fuelled?

Food quantity

No matter what you read on social media, consistently establishing a calorie deficit takes a level of discipline. We need to give a little more attention to what we are eating than if our goal was performance-based, for example. This can sometimes be mentally draining. 

Is your protein and fibre on point?

At a high level, we know that losing fat is predominantly driven by two things:

  • Your training
  • Total energy intake (calorie deficit) 

Prioritising protein and fibre keeps us fuller for longer, making it easier to consume less energy than we need consistently. Protein also protects our muscles (amongst other things) which is important when we are restricting energy. 


A common mistake that people make when losing body fat is that they are too keen. They want to train all the time, feel the burn and constantly have DOMS. Rest days are non-negotiable, as is quality sleep if you’re going to get great results. 


Most of us are not professional athletes, meaning we need to prioritise other areas like work and family. To get results, it’s no different to business. Our model or framework needs to be sustainable and allow for consistent replication. This is why keeping it simple is key!


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