Supplements that can support fat loss

Posted 17 Mar 2022

In the table below, we’ve listed some nutritional supplements along with their therapeutic dosages and mechanism of action that have been shown to support individuals trying to reduce body fat. 

We’ve selected what we think is the core stack and the nutrients/compounds that have the most evidence behind them. When it comes to supplements, less is more, and it’s important to have a reason for taking something.

If you want to learn about other nutrients that can be beneficial for fat loss, check out this further guide on fat loss nutrients.  

It’s really important that before you start any supplement protocol, you check with your GP as taking certain medications in combination with some nutritional supplements can be dangerous. 

You can also do your own research into drug-nutrient interactions by visiting the website and following our short drug-nutrient interactions guide.

You may also find our guide on choosing supplements handy, as unfortunately, not all products are created equal. 

Lastly – It’s important to reinforce the point that supplements are there to fill the gaps in your nutrition or be used short term as part of a rounded protocol to help resolve functional health issues or support performance goals. If you don’t nail the basics with your food intake, training, sleep or stress management, you may as well not even bother looking at supplements. The unpopular truth 😉


Our Choice

Maintains calcium balance, and regulation of parathyroid hormone. Promotes reabsorption of calcium in the kidney.
Increases intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
3000 IU / dayStandardised advice is to take seasonally from September – May in the UK. 
For many that do not get daily sun exposure, year-round supplementation may be needed. 
Additionally – If your skin tone is darker / if your heritage is Caribbean or African your demands may be higher.

Our choice
Stimulates oxidation of fatty acids. This means breaking down fatty acids so they can be used for energy.300mg / dayThis compound may have more potent effects when paired with caffeine. Between 2-4 shots espresso/day.

Our Choice 
Helps us transport fatty acids across cell membranes to use as energy2g / dayAlso has many performance benefits, possibly meaning higher training intensity and better recovery. 


To use fat for fuel requires many co-factors in the form of different B-Vitamins.As per the stated dosage on the product label.Works well with Carnitine



Plant based Pea protein alternative
Protein demands for fat loss are extremely high. Supplementing with protein can make this a little more convenient.Between 25g – 50g/dayWhey has the highest protein content and is the most studied.

Isolate has more protein, with lower fat and carbs. 

Concentrate has better taste, more carbs and fat. Not tolerated as well generally, but has been shown to have additional immune benefits.


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