Low-Intensity Day Performance Plate

What do we mean by low intensity? We understand that for elite and everyday athletes, not all days look the same. Some people like to finely tune their intake each day to reflect their activity, whilst for others, this level of thought and detail is not as important.

Low-intensity days are those where physical activity is lower than average. Some examples of this may be:

  • Complete day off (rest day – no exercise)
  • Recovery day (light cardio & mobility)
Quality protein – RepairCarbs/Fibre – Fill upFats – Protect
Lower fat options, possibly around higher protein contentFibrous veges are protective and keep us fuller for longerE.g. Avocado, olives, olive oil, nut butter
Higher fat options, possibly more satisfying Easily digested carbs not needed due to less activity/demand
Should I be doing this?

Like all answers, it depends. Some just like the flexibility of flipping between lower and higher carb days to match activity/intensity of activity. Find what works for you, and ask your coach if you want some help.


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