Principle 1 Energy intake

People also refer to this as calories in or total calories. We’ve taken your BMR and used an equation to establish what we think your maintenance calories are. This is the amount of energy you need to perform all actions daily (including the training sessions we’ve prescribed for you) and maintain your weight. 

We often find that athletes who undertake large volumes of training struggle to consume enough food each day, leading to poor training quality, recovery, and frequent illness. Make sure you prioritise meal times to avoid this.

If you feel like you’re not quite getting it right in your food intake, a first step would be to track what you are eating. We suggest you use Chronometer to log a typical day’s worth of eating so you can check back against your guidelines to see if you’re in the ballpark. Check out this step-by-step article we put together on tracking food intake if you feel this is something you need or want to do.


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