How we approach nutrition Part 1

At Holos Performance, we don’t like to endorse any dietary models, tell people what they should be eating or prescribe meal plans full of elaborate recipes.

The truth is there are many ways you can fuel the things in life that are important to you and we think this graphic shows that nicely. 

If we look at all the major health-focused diets we hear about on social media, they all are underpinned by a basic set of principles:

  • Emphasis on real, minimally processed foods. 
  • Prioritising quality protein
  • Include an abundance of fresh fruit and veg
  • Eating habits – Don’t overeat, chew slowly, rest and digest

Life is too short to worry about what style of eating you should follow. Remember – Food is there to support us, not rule our lives. Keeping the principles above front and centre of mind will give you the freedom to just focus on being awesome each day.


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