How we approach nutrition Part 3

Posted 06 Jun 2022

We acknowledge that there are many different approaches you can take when fuelling your lifestyle.

We use the term “fuel your lifestyle” because we feel that your nutrition should reflect the things that you want to do or achieve each day.

No matter what approach you decide to take, there are a set of really simple universal principles that underpin most of them. This is where habit-based nutrition comes in… We focus on understanding and then nailing these basic principles consistently. 

Habit based nutrition is like giving you all the tools to go off and make better decisions and hold all the cards. Meal plans are great, but we find they are often not the most sustainable option.

Habit-based nutrition 101
  1. Endorses no one single dietary model or way of eating
  2. Emphasises the importance of whole foods forming the bulk of what we consume.
  3. There are no “bad foods”
  4. Acknowledges the importance of energy balance or calories in vs calories out (CICO) but does not encourage counting or tracking calories in a regimented way
  5. Uses hand system to manage portions and build meals 
  6. Meals and snacks built around quality protein sources
  7. Smart carbs used to add to fibre intake and to fuel up or re-fuel from exercise 


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