Principle 2 Total energy and protein rule

Posted 11 May 2022

As a general rule, it would seem that the two most important things when trying to lose fat are total energy and protein intake. This is important because it’s a reminder that we don’t need to go too granular with the numbers if we want to track things. 

All foods, whether it be protein, carbs or fats, make up our total energy intake. If we are consuming more than what we need daily, this will lead to the accumulation of body fat over time. The body is designed so that it doesn’t like to “let go” of energy. It likes to hold onto it for a time that we may need it. 

Protein is important because it is critical for the production and function of enzymes, hormones, and the immune system. It is also important for the development and maintenance of lean muscle, which supports good body composition. Lastly, protein is super important when trying to lose body fat because it keeps us fuller for longer, making it less likely for us to overeat on snacks or meals, which might be less filling or calorie-dense. 

By structuring your plates at meal times using the hand portioning system and our Fat loss performance plates system, you will be in the ballpark in terms of your fuel and protein intake.


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