Principle 1 Energy intake

Posted 10 May 2022

People also refer to this as calories in or total calories. The most effective way to facilitate and support fat loss is to establish a sustainable calorie deficit consistently. We have factored in a deficit of 350kcals from your maintenance calories, so you don’t need to do the maths. 

It’s important to note at this point that the evidence is overwhelming and clear when it comes to a calorie deficit being the main driver of fat loss. Smaller deficits seem to be more sustainable for people as it limits the feeling of restriction for them. However, you may be fine in this area, in which case you could look to establish a more traditional deficit of ~500 kcal. 

We get the fact that it’s easy to say “eat less”… That’s why all the support we will provide you with is geared towards helping you understand and integrate the principles and tools needed for fat loss.  
If you want to track what you are eating, we suggest using Chronometer to log a typical day’s worth of eating. Check out this step-by-step article we put together on tracking food intake if you feel this is something you need or want to do.


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