Fat loss guidelines introduction

Posted 10 May 2022

In this article, we want to start talking about how your fuel needs to reflect your training and the goals you are working towards. In subsequent articles, we will give you a step by step rationale behind the overarching nutrition guidelines you will have seen on your app home screen and the principles that underpin them.  

Check out this article that we put together on basic terminology to help you better understand the recommendations we are suggesting. 

Our training needs to be predominantly resistance-based when trying to lose body fat, with a strong focus on strength training and some accessory conditioning work. The metabolic effects of this training type, along with a calorie deficit, allow us to dip into fat stores to use it as energy. Our goal is to try and facilitate meaningful fat loss whilst retaining muscle mass which we know is protective.

Whether you are trying to lose fat to change your image and get healthier, or you want to undertake a period of cutting before potentially focusing on building muscle, the principles ultimately remain the same.  

The guidelines we have provided you with should be used more as a reference point rather than getting hung up on the numbers side. However, If you have specific body composition goals and timeframes, you will need to track your food intake more closely.

Remember, if you want more guidance, or something doesn’t make sense, chat to your coach. That’s what they are there for.


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