Principle 5 There is no “right” way to do it

Remember, everyone will approach nutrition differently. There really is no cookie-cutter way to do it. We ask you to consider the following when it comes to your approach to fuel.

  1. Find a system that works for you – For some people this will be 5 smaller meals a day, others it might be 3 larger ones.
  2. Be consistent – Building muscle takes dedication and time. Nothing will happen overnight. If you’re following a system that is not compatible with you or your lifestyle, you will not be able to be consistent. 
  3. Use food first – The right supplements can help to fill the gaps, but should not be your focus. 
  4. Keep it simple – Prioritise real, un-processed foods. You do not need to create elaborate recipes, or buy obscure “superfoods” from all over the globe. 
  5. There are NO “bad” foods, just principles


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