Principle 3 Macronutrient distribution

You will notice that we have suggested a specific calorie split. You certainly don’t need to follow this guidance. Remember, principle two is the most critical when looking at any strategy. However, we’ve found that sticking to something similar to the below will allow you to perform well in your sessions, recover efficiently, maintain a favourable body composition year-round and not feel restricted in any way.

MacronutrientReason for the % distribution
30% ProteinWhen you are training like an athlete, you will need to consume a lot of protein. When we train, we “break down” muscle fibres. We want to regenerate those fibres through diet and recovery so they grow back bigger and stronger. Protein contains amino acids which are the key building blocks for this process to happen.  
50% CarbohydrateIncorporating adequate amounts of carbohydrates can help you prepare and recover for multiple sessions each week. As a hybrid athlete, much of your training is centred around strength and conditioning sessions. Carbohydrates can be a really efficient fuel source as the body can process and use them really fast. They can also prove invaluable when improving recovery speed, allowing you to undertake multiple sessions each week. Additionally, carbohydrates can also contribute to better sleep quality which in turn will enhance recovery and growth. Check out our smart carbs list for some more guidance here.
20% FatsNumbers can always vary slightly depending on individuals, but universally speaking, it can be beneficial to keep fats at around 20% of total energy intake. Fats provide us with a fuel source and contain a number of essential vitamins and fatty acids, so they should not be feared. However, remember that fats yield more energy/gram as opposed to carbohydrates and protein. Check out our guide to fats to make sure you’re not overdoing them. 


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