Athletic development guidelines introduction

In this article, we want to start talking about how your fuel needs to reflect your training and the goals you are working towards. In subsequent articles, we will give you a step by step rationale behind the overarching nutrition guidelines you will have seen on your app home screen and the principles that underpin them.

Check out this article that we put together on basic terminology to help you better understand the recommendations we are suggesting. 

Training to become more athletic requires an approach that balances strength, power, speed and aerobic/anaerobic conditioning. We want to build a strong and robust frame with a powerful engine. 

Good body composition should be more of a byproduct of your training and nutrition rather than a goal in itself when following this method. This means that the numbers we provide you with should be used more as a guide that you can reference back to when you feel that tweaks may be needed to improve energy levels, performance quality or recovery times.  

Remember, if you want more guidance or something doesn’t make sense, chat to your coach. That’s what they are there for.


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