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Holos is a human health & performance brand that is raising the bar for online personal training and making it accessible to more people.

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    We help clients from every background and all walks of life get outstanding, sustainable results without spending any time having to figure out how to do it and for less than £2 / day.


    Holos has all the content, systems, and automated processes in place for you to start and grow a scalable high value, client centred online coaching service.


    We support teams in the sport of business by connecting each employee with a remote coach, building the best corporate gyms in the world and actually educating people how to use them properly.



We’ve built a pro team of advisors, executives, and coaches to help guide our programming across different training goals in alignment with our ethos. Combined, we have:

  • Delivered over 100,000 1-1 training sessions
  • Been trusted to create personalised training, nutrition and recovery programmes by the worlds best athletes
  • Performed at world cups
  • Ran some of the most exciting companies out of Silicon Valley
  • Worked within some of the top sporting organisations globally


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