3 ways to use oily fish

Posted 02 Mar 2022

SARDINE WRAPS: Load up some wholemeal wraps with things like rocket, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, feta and top with sardines for a quick, cheap lunch or dinner.

GRILLED SALMON FILLETS: Pat salmon fillets down with a paper towel so they are dry. Place on a tray skin side down and lightly brush with some olive oil and fresh lemon juice, sprinkle with some sea salt, and a little dried rosemary. Place under a hot grill for ~12-14mins, serve with brown rice and green beans. 

TAKE A FISH OIL SUPPLEMENT: Some may say this is “cheating”, however, we understand that some people just don’t like oily fish. If you’re going to supplement, we recommend you select a brand that is GMP certified (good manufacturing process) and has ratios of around 3:1 EPA: DHA. 

You may also see Cod liver oil when looking for a supplement. Note – this is something different to fish oil, and you won’t necessarily get the benefits to heart and brain health that you get from EPA & DHA.


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