3 ways to use Gouda

Posted 22 Feb 2022

WRAPPED IN LUNCH MEAT: Cut ~100g into sticks and wrap in good quality, minimally processed ham. Serve with carrot and cucumber crudités for a high protein snack. 

COBB SALAD: Shred some romaine lettuce, slice some avocado, chop some chives and tomatoes. Layer up salad ingredients in a bowl and then top with sliced grilled bacon and chicken breast, boiled egg and cubes of gouda. Dress salad with olive oil, dijon, red wine vinegar and lemon juice mixture. Sprinkle with sea salt and chives and black pepper.   

OMELETTE TOPPING: Beat 3 eggs. Add chopped spinach, chopped tomatoes, chives, and diced red onion. Spray a non-stick frypan with olive oil and get it hot over medium heat. Pour the mixture into a hot pan. Cook bottom of omelette for 2-4 mins. Add 100g cubed gouda, and then place under a hot grill to cook the top. Fold and serve with wholemeal toast. 


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