3 ways to use beans

Posted 01 Feb 2022

KIDNEY BEAN SALAD: In a large bowl combine some kidney beans with some roughly chopped red pepper, parsley, tinned sweetcorn and red onion. Make a dressing using some fresh lemon juice, raw honey, red wine vinegar, crushed garlic, and extra virgin olive oil. Toss the dressing through the salad and serve with some grilled meats and a jacket potato. 

BUTTER BEANS IN TOMATO SAUCE: Drain and rinse some butter beans with cold water. Set aside. In a frying pan, heat a little olive oil and add some chopped onion and crushed garlic. Fry until the aromatics become fragrant and soft, then toss in the drained butter beans and a good sprinkling of sea salt and grief oregano. Toss and fry for 1-2 mins and then add some passata to the pan to create a similar consistency to regular baked beans. Bring to a simmer and then serve with some steamed greens and pan-fried sea bass.

ADD TO CHICKEN WRAPS: Either grill some breasts up or buy some pre-cooked, additive-free store-bought breast meat. Slice finely and fill some wholemeal wraps with the chicken, peppers, kidney beans, lettuce, tomato and guacamole.


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